Context of Britannicus estimator: or, The trader's complete guide. : In two parts. Part I. Contains, a correct, full, and useful table, shewing the value or price of any quantity of goods or merchandizes, from one pound, yard, &c. to 100, 1000, or 10,000, at all the various prices, increasing progressively from a farthing to a pound sterling.-With a practical table of all the cases in the rule of practice prefixed to it, in order to prove the same. Part II. Consists of sundry mercantile tables, viz. I. A table of the value of Portugal pieces in English money. II.-How to buy and sell by the [hand]. Weight to advantage. III.-Simple interest at 3 per cent. for days, months, &c. IV.-Commission or brokage. V.-The number of days from any day in one month to the same day in any other month. VI.-Of annuities for lives. VII.-The dominical letters ot the year 1800. VIII. A perpetual diary, shewing the day of the week corresponding to the day of the month in any year: and the day of the week that begins any month for ever. IX. Table of the gold and silver coins assayed in the Mint, and rated as [billion]. X.-Value of gold and silver. XII.-The agreement which the court measures, and other weights and measures have with each other, in all the principal places in Europe. XIII.-The weights and measures used in England. XIV.-English money equated in Irish, and Irish in English. XV. Tide table for all the sea[ports] in Great-Britain and the channel, &c. &c. By Thomas, merchant. Author of the British negociator, or Foreign exchange made easy

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